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Feeling a bit stressed and nervous before your wedding is totally normal. After all, it’s one of the most important moments in your life. To help calm your nerves before your big day and to protect you from a lot of worries and pressures, we are here to offer you a set of Pre-Bridal Grooming Sessions, to make you appreciate and enjoy these moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Wishing you a happy marriage and all the happiness that you ever dream of!

Your image should not get in the way of your success. Through proper styling and image enhancement, you can transform your personality. This personal styling course particularly focuses on image consultancy.

Attainment Target: The course will equip the trainee with the ability to style him/herself aesthetically according to body structure, occupation, lifestyle and personal preferences so that you can make an everlasting impression upon others.



Beauty Tips

Health Education

Look Smart

Mannerism & Social Etiquettes

Restaurant Manners

Table Manners

Building Relationship

How to Carry Yourself in Heavily Embellished Outfits

Shopping Consultations

Know What to Buy and from Where

Self Grooming Make-up

Self Grooming Hairs Styles

Everyday Hair Styles

Body Shape Analysis

Color Analysis

Fashion Styling


Shoe Theory

Brand Knowledge

Personal Style & Shopping Consultations

Personal Make-up

Personal Hair



Apply Online

Apply Online

The course is designed to help you develop an impressionable personality through a meticulous personality grooming curriculum which covers all significant vistas of your personality. The whole course line is designed to eliminate your fears and boost up your self-confidence step by step.

Attainment Target: The course will not only help you transform other people’s perspective about you but will also change your self-image which will result in boosting your self-confidence which definitely will help you to be successful.


Self Confidence

Personal Hygiene

Distinct Appearance

Self Awareness

Communication Skills

Table Manners

Social Etiquette

Work Place Ethics

Step in Any way – But you get to leave IFAP like a SHINNING STAR – ready to be praised by the world.

Communication and Image are the bet visiting cards which can be created by different aspect such as Appearance, Grooming, Voice, Mannerism, the way you are dressed, the way you carry yourself, your posture, Body language, and through all these, your Image is perceived by others. The way one interacts makes all the difference. the way of greeting someone, showcasing courtesy are the quintessential blocks of relationship building in today’s fast paced world. Although Looks speak a thousand words but it is not just only about good looks but the posture & the confidence one exudes, the leads to building a strong & groomed personality, We learn best when we are learning about ourselves, when we are discovering truths that speak of inner and outer realities, when we are finding out what makes us unique – and like others – within the community And this is all what IFAP is About.

(IFAP or The Grooming Academy) is a symbol of multi-dimensional Academy working towards Communication, Image, Etiquette, Fashion , Style and Lifestyle which guide people to give complete new look in life.


Styling & Personal Grooming

Hair & Make-Up

Communication Skills

Personal Hygiene

Self Confidence

The Art of Listening and Absorbing

Culture Refinement

Social Etiquette


Table Manners

Health & Physical Fitness

Attitudes & Behaviors


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