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The International Fashion Academy of Pakistan (IFAP) is a private training institute which provides a comprehensive teaching and resource programs for Grooming, Photography, Makeup and Modeling for individuals seeking to enhance their skills. Through a series of in-depth courses, such as Runway Coaching, Photo Shoot Direction, Health & Wellness, Hair & Skin Care, Spirituality and Speech Enhancement, IFAP aims to create a new generation.

Our Mission

IFAP’s mission is to establish a platform that allows the next generation of style professionals to study fashion and pursue it as a viable career. The academy is proud to have assembled a qualified faculty from Pakistan’s world of fashion, media and entertainment. Moreover, IFAP offers a dynamic permanent and visiting faculty that includes industry experts from Canada and Europe.  With their sound expertise and experience, IFAP offers the unique opportunity to enroll in a Grooming academy in Pakistan. IFAP empowers its students to succeed in whatever career they choose within these industries.



Will you find students a job when they finish the course?

The school receives many job opportunities both paid and unpaid. We offer these jobs to students and graduates.

Does the school provide a make-up kit to all its students?

We carry L’Oreal in our studios to be used for Demonstartions, however we do not give a kit as this would mean that we have chosen the make-up for the student and we feel that the student should choose their own from a vast range.

Any school offering a kit will be giving you some cheap range from the wholesalers and not the well-known fashion labels.

Do you provide accommodation?

We do not provide accommodation, however we do have a list of suggested accommodation on our website under the contact button.

Will I receive a recognised qualification when I finish the course?

All of the courses we offer are recognized, however you will only receive this once you have passed your practical examination, theory examination and handed in your completed portfolio and research project.

What Makeup brands do you use at your Academy?

In our Academy we use World’s famous brand L’Oreal Paris.

How do I book and pay for a course?

Choose the course and date on the website and press “Apply Online“.Fill out the given form, Your information will be delivered to us and you will be contacted and shall be guided through complete registration requirement and process.

Are your courses suitable for beginners?

Any of our courses that are called Foundation or incorporate the Foundation level start from the basic level suitable for beginners.

I work full time so what course would suit me.

We are offering Saturday classes for the people who cannot manage their schedules due to their jobs or etc.

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